Engineering Education Ecosystems

Optimizing learning habitats

Ensuring engaged enthusiasm

Creating happy learning spaces

Affirming togetherness and trust

Learning through supporting and sharing

Encouraging intellectual inquiry

Triggering innate curiosity

Morphing individuality into mutuality

Integrating diversity Underscoring empathy

Stimulating thought and reflection

Strengthening emotional stability

Assuring healthy children

Making sure that both their minds and their bodies are strong

Steiner Education Ecosystem

Steiner Learning does not offer parents a quick fix for their hurried parental and child educational problems. Instead, we offer you and your child a permanent learning solution. One that will ensure that both of you are content - not merely happy or excited or thrilled. You see, we know that happiness and excitement and thrill are things that last but for a moment whereas contentment stays for a life and regenerates and rejuvinates you every time you think of it. Such solutions take time. So too, understanding what we are trying to do for you. So, come in, sit down with your coffee and take some time to read through our website. Then decide if Steiner Learning is for you and your child for you will be embarking on a journey together with us which, if all goes according to plan, would give the planet your child - not just as a cog in a wheel but as a truly worthy world citizen.

A child happy in a learning environment is truly a joy to the future world

Learning environments typically have a complex potency, multiple inter-dependencies, stimulating engagement and volatile dynamics. Educators these days have removed themselves from significantly addressing these intrinsic interconnects, choosing the easier path of piecemeal treatment of real and imagined learner objectives. This lack of understanding and lack of appreciation of the environment has resulted in three life threatening negatives. a) Creativity is cauterized, b) cognitive capabilities are dulled and c) Enthusiasm for understanding is subsumed. Established norms which are not any specific person's fault have resulted in teachers, learners and parents engaging in a years-long exercise in futility driven by mindless rotes, endless memorizing and useless exercises that yield just one result: a very large percentage of learners with questionable skills that are mismatched with societal needs. Needs that are being re-engineered on a daily basis by a rapidly changing world.

The team of educators, councilors and educational strategists at Steiner Learning has long understood that education as it is commonly understood is counterproductive to learners and their effort to acquire the sort of future-proofed skills sets they require for the modern world. 

This is why the team treats the learning environment as an Education Ecosystem. Like all stable natural ecological intermeshes, so too, the education ecosystem has its enabling environment and the nutrients it feeds out to the learners who grow within it. It is an optimized process of growing a person from childhood to adulthood much the same way in which a natural system grows a seed from seedling through sapling to tree.

Similarly, Steiner Learning has its specific learning habitats optimally tailored for individuals and groups based on their ages, their capabilities, their skills and their learning and life related goals.

Again, like all good ecosystems, so too, the Steiner Education Ecosystem (SEE) feeds system services to the mainstream world of primary and secondary school, examination challenges and careers. Through this entire process, the very enabling environment of Steiner education is itself enriched through a process of learning, sharing and trust that makes it continuously better for its students, planners, strategists, facilitators, counselors and educators.  

In this respect, as attested to by many parents, the learner at Steiner is fed and nurtured in a holistic system and acquires a spectrum of life-critical skills and capabilities that are rarely seen in other educational situations. These afford them far greater opportunities to shine as accomplished world stage performers and not merely empty achievers of questionable goals.

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